Main Stain Brow Creme

Main Stain Brow Creme

A soft waterproof eyebrow creme to tint brows with a natural-looking colour and instant volume boost that lasts all day long.


Create beautifully natural brows or seriously bold arches with this long-wearing brow creme. Waterproof and quick for everyday use, Mane Stain comes in 4 colours to suit all complexions.

What’s not to love?
– Waterproof
– Create a natural or dramatic look by building intensity
– 4 colour options suit all complexions
– Easy, no fuss application

One brow creme to rule them all, Mane Stain is your go-to tint for long-lasting gorgeous brows.

Waterproof and easy to use, Mane Stain instantly creates a fuller, healthier-looking brow. Stick with a soft, natural look for every day or build a bold brow with reapplication.

Available in 4 amazing colours:

  • LITTLE PALOMINO – Warm blonde to light brown
  • PALOMINO – Coolblonde to light brown
  • CHESTNUT – Medium brown to reddish hair
  • THOROUGHBRED – Dark brown to black hair