Gua Sha Sculpting Stone

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Gua Sha Sculpting Stone

Boost your skincare regime with Gua Sha Crystal sculpting Tool. Designed to enhance your natural beauty, this gemstone stimulates circulation while de-puffing, lifting and sculpting the face.


Use with your favourite serums and oils to release facial tension and create a smoother, brighter complexion.


  • Gua Sha – An ancient facial therapy offering therapeutic benefits.
  • Natural Resin Green Aventurine – Comforting and healing.
  • Natural Resin Amber – Amber is the fossilized remains of hardened tree resin and is thus organic in origin. Amber is a natural purifier and can draw pain from the body and the mind.
  • Jade – In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that jade has the ability to help balance your inner energies and relax the nervous system. Functionality wise, it’s considered best for reducing puffiness and encouraging lymphatic function.
  • Rose Quartz – Considered an ’emotional healer’ and the stone of compassion and all things love-related, rose quartz is said to be best for detoxing, lifting and softening fine lines and wrinkles, alongside draining toxins and negativity.
  • Clear Quartz – Less common than its other counterparts, the clear quartz crystal is considered the ‘master healer’. Said to work with all chakras, working to attract positive energy and soothe all skin types.

*Always Gua Sha with slip to allow for a smooth stroke for better results!


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