Glow Marine Hydrolysed Collagen Powder

Glow Marine Hydrolysed Collagen Powder

100% Hydrolysed Marine Collagen. Allergens: Contains Fish.

  • Promotes skin elasticity and hydration
  • Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps support gut health
  • Hydrolysed to increase the body’s ability to absorb
  • Over 95% bioavailable


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The foundation of youthful, supple skin is about so much more than applying face creams. It actually starts on the inside, with collagen. Collagen production declines as we get older, leading to an increase in wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity. According to research, by the age of 30 we only have about 50% of the collagen we had when we were 18. This is why making collagen a part of our daily diet is so vital. We created our GLOW Marine Collagen to help improve skin elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles. We use only the world’s most superior collagen, backed by science and extensively researched and rigorously tested, for its efficacy. Further adding to its hero status, collagen acts as an antioxidant and is also known for providing the foundation for strong connective tissues, joints and bones.
As with all our SWIISH WELLNESS products, we focus on the highest quality, most effective ingredients possible. Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Please check with your doctor before taking supplements, starting or stopping any medication, or if you have any general concerns.


150g (approx 30 serves)

♻︎ All SWIISH Wellness products can be recycled in your normal household recycling. We use recyclable plastic to reduce packaging waste. For some time now, we’ve been working behind the scenes on a fresh look and feel for SWIISH. In line with this, we have made the decision to move from tubs to pouches.
The pouch you will receive when you order GLOW Marine is an interim design. However the pouch itself is the type of environmentally-friendly packaging we will be moving to in the coming months.

What does it taste like?
Hydrolysed collagen is completely soluble and virtually tasteless. Some people who have a heightened sense of smell may be able to taste it, however, if consumed with a liquid other than water it is typically unnoticeable.

What does hydrolysed mean?
Our collagen has been through a process known as hydrolysis whereby long-chain amino acids have been broken down using water into smaller molecular components called small-chain amino acids. As a result, it is now soluble in water and more easily absorbed by the body when consumed. The common term for this is “bioavailability”. These small-chain amino acids (also known as peptides) are absorbed by the body to help regenerate lost collagen such as the collagen that occurs naturally in the deepest layers of skin known as the dermis. This in turn helps reduce wrinkles caused by ageing.

Where does your collagen come from?
The collagen used in our GLOW Marine powder is produced in Europe in ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 quality accredited manufacturing facilities, thus ensuring the highest quality standards are applied. It’s then proudly packaged right here in Australia, also under the strictest of standards.

How long before I see results?
According to extensive scientific research, you can expect to see results within 4 weeks of taking it daily. You should see skin become more hydrated, then an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles by about 6-8 weeks. By the 10-12 week mark, most people notice an increase in skin elasticity and firmness.

Can I have it while pregnant or breastfeeding?
Our GLOW Marine Collagen is safe to consume while pregnant and breastfeeding. However, as everyone’s situation is different, we recommend that you check with your healthcare professional to see if this powder would be beneficial for you. Please refer to the nutritional information & ingredients list.

Can I take it with other medications?
GLOW Marine is all-natural and it contains nothing artificial. We are unable to provide exact advice on whether it is safe to consume whilst taking other specific medications. As everyone’s situation is different, we recommend that you check with your healthcare professional to see if this powder would be beneficial for you. Please refer to the nutritional information & ingredients list.