The perfect gift for someone extra special! 

$239 | 2.5hrs

When you need a little TLC this package will tick all the boxes… you will be pampered from head to toe with 2 hours of pure relaxation. You will be back for this indulgent treatment again and again… ahhh bliss!


  • Full Body Massage
  • Luxe Facial with HydroJelly Mask
  • LED Light
  • Scalp + Neck Massage

$149 | 1hr

This is complete body indulgence. Smooth and soften your body with our bespoke body glow treatment.


  • illume+ Collagen Bed
  • Body Brushing
  • Body Oil Infusion
  • Scalp + Neck Massage
$169.00 | 60min
$834 (​$139ea) 6 Pack

This facial has been designed with a holistic approach. Although it is tranquil and spiritual treatment you will still enjoy the benefits of advanced skin therapy which will naturally release toxins, stimulate and improve circulation, firm and uplift lax skin, promote balance and harmony for your mind, body and soul! 

We have mindfully incorporated:

  • Gua Sha Stone Massage
  • A deep shoulder, neck arm and hand massage.
  • Chakra Stone Centre & Balance
  • PlumBerry Skin Peel
  • HydroJelly Custom Mask

This is the facial you never knew you needed. Namaste! 



Too often the body gets overlooked when it comes to skin care. Our body is exposed to the elements every day: summer heat, winter air, heaters, sweat, soap and the list goes on…

Our resurfacing treatment targets dry, uneven, dull skin on the back, arms, legs and décolletage.

We begin by a full body pre-cleanse followed by a resurfacing peel applied gently to the whole body.

The peel is then left on for up to 6 hours. After your first shower your skin will feel smooth, refreshed and brighter.

This is a perfect “pre event” body treatment!